Auradon Prep is an institution that appears in Descendants. It is where the descendants of Disney's most well-known Heroes and Villains attend.



The castle was built over three hundreds years before the Isle of the Lost kids arrived at Auradon. It just so happened to be Beast's old castle which was re purposed into a school when he became king. Fairy Godmother was appointed headmistress, following the opening of the school.

Known Faculty

  • Fairy Godmother: Headmistress
  • Mr. Deley: Science teacher
  • Coach Jenkins: Coach of the Auradon Tourney Team

Known Students

  • Ally (Descendants: Wicked World)
  • Anxelin (School of Secrets)
  • Audrey
  • Aziz (Return to the Isle of the Lost)
  • Ben
  • Carlos De Vil
  • Chad Charming
  • Doug
  • Evie
  • Freddie Facilier (Descendants: Wicked World)
  • Gordon (Return to the Isle of the Lost)
  • Herkie (Return to the Isle of the Lost)
  • Jane
  • Jay
  • Jordan (Descendants: Wicked World)
  • Lonnie
  • Mal
  • Pin (Return to the Isle of the Lost)
  • Ruby (Descendants: Wicked World)

Known Classes

  • Remedial Goodness
  • History of Pirates and Woodcutters
  • Smiling
  • Cooperation
  • Language of the Stars
  • Science
  • Life Skills
  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Fairies 101
  • Sustainable Urban Planning


  • Despite being a boarding school, many of the heroes' home castles are located near the school.
  • The Beast's statue located in the courtyard can morph between human and beast. It only responds to Ben.
  • Mrs. Potts is mentioned to be cooking dinner here in the second novel. Its possible that she was reassigned here for the most part as Beast and Belle are on a cruise and Ben stays at the school.
  • The building used was Hatley Park National Historic Site, in British Columbia. (Notably, it was previously used as the exterior of the mansion of Lex Luthor in the TV series Smallville)


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