Cruella De Vil is a supporting antagonist in Descendants. She is one of Maleficent's allies, and the mother of Carlos.


When Beast became King and joined the kingdoms together as Auradon, he sent all of the villains to live on the Isle of the Lost and Cruella was among them. Sometime on this island, Cruella gave birth to a son named Carlos and raised him to be as evil as she is. Once Carlos has grown into a teenager, he is given an offer to attend Auradon Prep. This gives Maleficent an idea and she convinces Cruella and the other villains to send their children there and have them steal the Fairy Godmother's wand to use for evil. Cruella is at first reluctant and says she will miss Carlos but she eventually agrees.

The week of Family Day, Cruella and the other villains video chat with the kids, who reveal the upcoming coronation to them. While web chatting, she notices Dude, Carlos's new dog and quotes he would make lovely ear muffs, which causes Carlos to talk back, insulting her stuffed dog and asking her to skin dogs a rest, causing Jafar to laugh and the two have a brief argument.

Cruella gathers with the other villains on coronation day to watch it live on television and when Jane steals the wand and accidentally creates a whole in the barrier, Cruella is joyed along with the other villains, but doesn't manage to escape.

At the end of the movie, after she and the other villains have been defeated, Cruella watches fireworks with Jafar and the Evil Queen from Maleficent's balcony.

Printed Media

Descendants: Isle of the Lost

Cruella appears in the prelude to Descendants, where it is shown that she treats Carlos as a slave rather than her own flesh-and-blood, going as far as to have him sleep in an inhospitable coat closet rather than give him a room of his own. She spends a portion of her time at an area on the island that passes for a spa; it serves as one bit of comfort and reminder of her past luxurious lifestyle.


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