"Evil Among Us" is the twenty-sixth episode of the animated series, Descendants: Wicked World. It premiered on January 6, 2017.


It is the day of the Jewel-BiLee. Everyone invited is gathered in the throne room and the VK's birthright jewels are present and accounted for. However, the guests of honor, the VKs, are running late. This is leaving everyone concerned and impatient, especially AudreyEvie meanwhile is still in her dorm, and even though she is all dressed and ready for the Jewel-BiLee she is taking her time admiring her reflection.

Just then, Mal shows up all dressed for the ceremony as well. However, she does not feel like going, especially after all the trouble she caused while being under the spell of her cursed jewel. Evie tries to convince her to come, but Mal is just not up for it. Even if she wanted to attend she knew she could not have her jewel since it was cursed and Audrey had banished her from the ceremony. Seeing that she was standing by her decision, Evie decides not to attend the ceremony either and be with her friend.

Back at the Jewel-BiLee, the VKs have still not arrived and Audrey is starting to lose her patience. Led by Jane, Freddie, Carlos and Jay are almost at the ceremony when they spot some stranger in a black trench coat. They notice him reaching into the throne from through a magical hole in the wall. When they call out to him, he uses some magic to disappear. Then he reappears, and when the VKs get a good look at him they recognize him as Zevon, the son of Yzma.



  • Jay and Carlos's formal attires are the same that they wore during the coronation in Descendants.


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