"Lamp Sweet Lamp" is the sixth episode of the animated short series, Descendants: Wicked World. It premiered on October 23, 2015.


After meeting Freddie, she begins taking the pleasure of insulting Ben and Audrey, commenting on how adorable they are which she finds sickening. Audrey tells her she cannot speak to them that way, and when Freddie asks how is she going to stop her Audrey fails to come up with a mean answer and loses all words. When she finally says something like she won't invite her when she hosts a party, Freddie found it ridiculous and laughed.

Mal and Evie felt they needed to teach Ben and Audrey how to smack-talk, and recalled the Yo Mama battles they used to have. They would insult each other's mothers until one of them failed to come up with a return comment. Audrey tries to make an insult about Freddie's mother but again fails to be mean about it. This amuses Freddie even more and believes Audrey and Ben are lamer than she imagined. Audrey is annoyed and tells Freddie that just because they not frown or dress in black does not mean they are lame. She assures Freddie they can be mean as well, and Ben tries to prove it by smashing a mug. But then he regrets what he has done and tries to fix the mug with Audrey's help.

Watching them, Mal thinks seeing them like this is worse than any punishment her mother ever gave her. Evie says they need to get Audrey and Ben off the island before someone else shows up, but Mal has no clue of how they arrived until she remembered rubbing the paint off Jordan's lamp. After she rubbed it, she made a wish that she was home and it came true. Then after wishing they could ask Jordan for help, Mal, Evie, Ben, Audrey, and Freddie are suddenly poofed away and show up inside Jordan's lamp, where Jordan is in the middle of making a video blog on AuraTube.



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