"Mal-lone" is the twenty-ninth episode of the animated series, Descendants: Wicked World. It premiered on January 27, 2017.


Mal and Evie are still in their dorm, when they hear panic coming from the Jewel-BiLee. The two girls rush to the throne room, and find Audrey in despair over her ruined musical number, Ben still frozen in ice with Lonnie trying to unfreeze him with a hairdryer, and Jordan still pinned to a column. As Ally unpins her from the column, Jordan tells Mal and Evie about Zevon and what happened. Nobody knows where he went, so Evie searches with her Magic Mirror, which shows Zevon on the Tourney field.

Mal gathers everyone around and says they need to work together in order to stop Zevon. However, Audrey remains mad about the bad things Mal did while she was cursed. Mal tries to apologize, but Audrey does not accept it, and blames her for ruining the Jewel-BiLee. Mal sadly agrees that it is her fault, but Evie defends her. She points out that the real enemy behind all that has happened was Zevon. He turned them against one another, and on top of it all Jane, Freddie, Jay and Carlos are still missing. Ben is finally unfrozen and goes off to find them. Mal pleas for everyone's help, but the AKs refuse. So Mal and Evie go after Zevon alone, but as they make it to the field it looks like they maybe too late.



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