"Options Are Shrinking" is the twenty-seventh episode of the animated series, Descendants: Wicked World. It premiered on January 13, 2017.


Upon meeting Zevon, they learn from him that when Mal came to the Isle of the Lost to find her Birthright Jewel, she disabled the magical dome for a few seconds. This gave Zevon the chance he needed slip out while the dome was opened. He swam for most of the way to Auradon and then got a ride in a rowboat from CJ Hook, who suddenly swings into the scene. She is helping Zevon in his plot take over Auradon in exchange for a full fifty foot schooner. At first Carlos does not believe it, but soon sees that Zevon is not kidding when he expresses his desire to fulfill his family's destiny in ruling an Empire.

Jay, Carlos, Jane, and Freddie try to apprehend Zevon, but end up being put under spells that make them walk backwards and spin like spinning tops. Zevon has created a selection of potions using the chemicals he stole from the school's chemistry lab. Then after taking a joyful moment to admire Jay, Carlos, Jane and Freddie's predicament, Zevon shrunk them down and with CJ's help trapped them inside a lamp. Then after CJ left, Zevon turned his attention back to stealing thew Birthright Jewels, only to realize they have been moved. So now he decides to crash the Jewel-Bilee.



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