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Princess Audrey is the tertiary antagonist, later supporting character in the movie Descendants. She is the daughter of Aurora and Prince Phillip.


Audrey is her normal self and nice to the royal mortals who go to Auradon Prep, but she is rather rude to the villains' kids who came to Auradon from the island they lived on. She judged the villains' kids by their parents in the beginning, but soon after Mal and her friends admitted they wanted to be good, they appeared to hug it out and become friends. However, she has very little patience with Mal's antics involving magic.


Audrey is shown as a beautiful teenage girl with tan skin, brown hair and brown eyes. Her clothes appear to be mostly pink and blue colored if you do not count her cheerleading uniform. this could be a reference of how Flora and Merryweather fought over Aurora's dress being pink or blue.



When the children of the villains come to Auradon Prep, she’s the least accepting of the four, and especially suspicious of Mal due to Ben's attention to her. At a Tourney match, Audrey is completely dismayed to hear that Ben has dumped her for Mal and uses Chad Charming for rebound.

On Family Day, Audrey's grandmother, Queen Leah, finds out that Maleficent's daughter has arrived in Auradon and is especially dismayed due to the haunting memories, with Chad adding to the scorn. The tension turns violent until Evie sprays him with a sleeping potion. Audrey then taunts Mal with Jane, prompting the girl to undo the magic she had previously performed on Jane to make her hair long and beautiful, to scare away her bullies.

On the day of Ben's coronation, Audrey stands on the sideline and witnesses Mal convince her friends to choose the side of good instead of evil and the defeat of her mother, Maleficent. She and Mal then bow to each other out of respect, their parents' history finally behind their shoulders. She then participates in the after-party, singing Set It Off with her friends and dancing with Jay.

Descendants: Wicked World

Audrey returns in the animated short series Descendants: Wicked World, voiced by Sarah Jeffery who also portrayed her in the live-action film.

She remains the same as she was in the movie, and while she is still friends with Mal and Evie, their antics can sometimes get on her nerves. In addition, she is also jealous of how much attention the Villain Kids are getting. Throughout the series, she has grown accustomed to being prone to magical mishaps, such as getting hit by exploding cupcakes or having her hair look awful by a failed magic makeover, and getting magically teleported to the Isle of The Lost. She also is shown to be rule-abiding to a fault, refusing to partake in thievery and vandalism when dared. Despite her initial hesitation about Freddie Facilier's joining Auradon, she comes to work together with her and their other friends.

Printed Media

Descendants: Isle of the Lost

Audrey makes her first appearance in the eighteenth chapter. Unlike her film self, Audrey appears to be more of an airhead. She was raised a bit more isolated from the world, albeit in a different sense because her mother wanted nothing more than to give Audrey a perfect childhood free of anything evil and loveless. Ben goes to visit her after his failure at the Royal Council meeting. It's during this time that Ben starts to see they don't share much in common and that this was their first real conversation.

Return to the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel

Audrey appears early on the Tourney field at the Auradon Knights' practice. She mostly remains a minor character as she stays in the background, completely unaware of what was transpiring around Auradon. Mal uses magic to make her hair resemble Audrey's as she is leaving for the Isle of the Lost with her friends after receiving an anonymous message from the island.


  • She is dating Ben at the beginning at the movie.
  • After she broke up with Ben she dated Chad Charming
  • She does not like Mal or any of the villain kids at the beginning of the movie. She seems to warm up to them in the end.
  • Audrey's absence from Descendants 2 has been confirmed on Twitter.
  • She does vocals for 2 songs
  • Her main colors are pink and blue.
  • She is considered self-absorbed by Belle.


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